Both RAMP and AMP work by allowing you to go straight to subconscious programs and transform or remove them. Both processes are effective with programs that you are either unaware of or, if aware, have not been able to affect at a conscious level.

These methods are not forms of hypnosis. You are fully awake, alert and in total control throughout the entire process. Because all of your answers exist within your own subconscious mind, RAMP practitioners simply act as a guide to help your powerful subconscious mind to do the work it is capable of doing. By working with the subconscious mind in the way it prefers to work, a trained practitioner can achieve more in an hour or two than traditional methods generally accomplish in years, and the results are immediate and permanent.

The subconscious mind wants only two things for you; it wants your happiness and your survival. But it wants your happiness more than anything else. What the subconscious mind sees as happiness is what Dr. Buffington has identified as conceptual survival.

The conceptual self “survives” through a sense of mental and emotional well-being, and it is this that the subconscious mind seeks above all else. That people are able to commit suicide or eat, drink, drug or lifestyle themselves to death are classic demonstrations of this fact. If survival was the number one concern of the subconscious mind (as many biologists suggest) such behaviors, and certainly suicide would be impossible. The reason people can commit suicide is because their subconscious mind has interpreted death as an act that will lead to happiness or conceptual well-being, and happiness comes first, even above physical survival.

It is the subconscious mind’s incessant search for ways to ensure your happiness that allows RAMP and AMP to work so rapidly and permanently.

Most subconscious programs are formed very early in life, often before the age of eight. These early programs are not logical in the way the conscious mind thinks of logic and frequently they are strangely convoluted (such as death equals happiness), but in every instance the subconscious mind’s goal is your happiness and/or survival.  Because this is true, when you are able to access an old, ineffective program and make the subconscious mind aware that the results of this program are not making you happy, the old program instantly changes.


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