Research shows that more than 95% of what prevents us from moving forward boldly and realizing our dreams is non-physical. In other words, it’s all in our minds.

We were born with just one fear—fear of the unknown. To a baby the only unknowns are loud noises and the sensation of falling. All the other fears develop through conditioning.

Some of the fears we develop are beneficial, such as those that help us avoid things that are actually harmful or would result in death.  Most, however, are not beneficial. When fear comes up in response to the thought of walking across a room to meet an interesting stranger, or asking a client to buy a product we are sure will benefit them, fear has gone awry.

Blocks and barriers are primarily fears that have gone awry. They can also be a result of things we bought into when we were children that worked for us then, but don’t work for us now.

There are only four things keeping you from realizing your dreams:

  1. Fear (about 60% of the cause)
  2. Erroneous beliefs (about 25% of the cause)
  3. Lack of knowledge (about 10% of the cause)
  4. Physical barriers (about 5% of the cause)

Often, we lack knowledge only because a fear or erroneous belief has convinced us that we can’t learn what we need to so all but 5% of what prevents you from having what you want is imaginal rather than real.

An example of a legitimate physical barrier would be a blind man who wants to be a commercial airline pilot or a quadraplegic who dreams of being a ballet dancer. Actual physical limitations are actually pretty hard to come up with because there is, or has at some time been, someone on the planet who has managed to overcome almost every disadvantage we can think of. And, if one person has overcome a perceived limitation, we can't consider it a legitimate physical limitation.  

If you doubt the power of the human spirit, Read the Helen Keller story, about a toddler who was rendered deaf and blind, but still went on to become a famous author and orator. Or read about Jean-Dominique Bauby, who composed the book The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by blinking out the letters to his devoted secretary after he lost all ability to move any part of his body except one eye. Or go to YouTube and watch the Nick Vujicic video, No Arms, No Leg, No Worries. Here's the link:

Almost anything is possible if we can just get the subconscious blocks out of our way. Imagine what you could you achieve if you could do the things you want to do—if you could eliminate the internal blocks that keep you stuck?

Or if you could stop doing things that you keep doing though you don't consciously want to—things that are keeping you unhealthy, damaging your relationships, diminishing your joy or keeping you from realizing your dream.

If your life is less enjoyable and abundant than you want it to be, it’s time to stop what’s stopping you.

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