Changes made at a subconscious level are immediate because the subconscious mind is concerned only with the here and now. It does not project into the future or delve back into the past. It can call up any event from the past if that event gets triggered by something in the moment, but it does not itself go seeking things from the past. So, once a program is formed it remains exactly as formed until purposefully acted upon in a way the subconscious mind understands. And once it understands what is currently needed for physical and/or conceptual survival, it provides that immediately; again because now is the only time in which it functions. And, since it lives only in the here and now, once the program is updated, it stays updated unless and until it is again purposefully addressed and the subconscious mind becomes aware that the suggested update is superior to the old program.  Your subconscious mind will NOT make a change that it perceives as less viable and beneficial than what already exists, and once a beneficial change is made, it is permanent and immediate.

Methods of change applied through the conscious mind require continued and consistent application for 21 to 30 days and the resultant change is often disappointing. That is never the case with changes made at the subconscious level. The moment the subconscious mind makes a change, it's made. Period. There is nothing else you need to do; no rituals, no conscious application of reinforcers, nothing. The change is total and complete. The very moment your subconscious mind becomes aware that the old program didn’t get the intended result, it eliminates or updates it to ensure your happiness (conceptual well-being) and survival and the presenting symptoms or behaviors that were driven by the old program are eliminated forever.

In the twenty plus years AMP and RAMP have been administered, there has not been a single case where the same pattern ever reappeared. Other related pattterns may appear and need to be updated, but the same pattern never reappears. Getting to the place you want to be effortlessly is a matter of systematically altering old ineffective patterns (or habits) and replacing them with more effective patterns. Which is exactly what RAMP does. Once one problem (or set of problems) is resolved, you simply move to the next one and eliminate it until there are no problematic programs left. At that point you are fully functioning and completely free of past programming and free to live life as you choose.  

Why the Changes Are Effortless to Sustain

RAMP gets right to the heart of the matter and facilitates change where it counts. Those who experience the power of these amazing processes love that the result is so fast and easy, and the desired behaviors and feelings so effortless to sustain.  Maintaining the changes made at a subconscious level require NO effort on your part. The new behaviors occur as easily and naturally as the old behaviors did. The difference is that, rather than distressing you like the old behaviors did, the new ones delight you. You simply begin to notice yourself doing things differently. Clients often report surprise, delight and amazement at how easily and naturally they now do what they always wanted to be doing and without any conscious effort on their part.


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