Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning is a powerful, safe and simple technique for instantly and permanently transforming old ineffective programs to beneficial new ones and for rapidly removing blocks to success. RAMP techniques are effective for removing unwanted behaviors and feelings, the effects of trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and fears and phobias of all kinds. It is also effective for reducing chronic pain and eliminating many psychosomatic and stress-based symptoms (such as migraine and other types of headaches and back pain caused by over-stressed muscles) and for eliminating bad habits.

Because the RAMP method uses an individual’s own subconscious processes, it is exceptionally effective (the success rate is better than 97%) and completely safe. The subconscious mind allows only the changes it perceives as beneficial so it is not possible to create conditions that are harmful to the individual.

RAMP differs from other subconscious change methods in that it is minimally suggestive. Where other methods rely heavily on the practitioner’s understanding and correct usage of language patterns (Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and The Sedona Method, for example) or on physical rituals (Emotion Freedom Technique, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Thought Field Therapy), RAMP uses primarily what the client’s subconscious mind presents.

RAMP has a twenty-plus year track record to validate its efficacy, and many hundreds of testimonials from delighted clients. Though RAMP in its present form was developed in 2006, the original form, Accelerated Mind Patterning (AMP), has been dramatically transforming lives and outcomes since 1991. RAMP is a direct descendant of AMP made possible by the twenty-plus years Dr. Sherry Buffington, the originator of both processes, spent observing subconscious processes. Through learning the language of the subconscious mind and the 24 unbreakable rules from which it never varies, she was able to streamline the AMP process. RAMP is the result.