Dr. Sherry Buffington, a doctor of psychology, is the originator of Accelerated Mind Patterning (AMP) and Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP). She describes herself as "the briefest brief therapist on Earth."

"If I can get you to where you want to go in just a few minutes or an hour, I am sure not going to spend days or weeks getting you there, and certainly not months or years," she says. And her clients attest to this fact (see testimonials).

"I am appalled at the numbers of people that have spent years seeing a therapist without getting the results they went there for in the first place," says Dr. Buffington. "Unless there is true pathology, which is rarely the case, therapy should never take years!"

Dr. Buffington developed the AMP process after studying Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Silva Mind Method, The Sedona Method, hypnotherapy and other rapid change processes.  All had their advantages, but the success ratio of each method was too limited to please her and no one could adequately explain why. It was during her training in hypnotherapy that she discovered the reason and began developing a process that she believed would have a much greater success rate. AMP was the result and has proven to be about as close to 100% effective as anything can be.

However, AMP is a very in-depth process that can take up to 4 hours, which makes it time consuming for the client and the practitioner, and expensive. Though clients never complained about the time or the cost, Dr. Buffington realized that the length of time required limited a practitioner to only two clients per day. Her goal was, and is, to change the lives of lots of people and two a day didn't allow for that. So, after 15 years of success with AMP, she began trying to find a way to speed up the process.

In 2009, she perfected the RAMP process, which can remove a single block in as little as 15 minutes and several blocks in less than an hour. Like AMP, RAMP has proven to be almost 100% effective.

Over the years coaches and therapists that experienced AMP and/or RAMP pleaded with Dr. Buffington to develop a training program so they too could rapidly transform the lives and outcomes of their clients, and in 2010 she began training others on the RAMP process.  AMP is taught as a master level program after practitioners have proven themselves effective in facilitating the less complex RAMP process.

AMP has been used successfully since 1990.  Longitudinal studies have validated the long term effectiveness of her work. They consistently show that the changes, once made, are permanent and effortless to maintain. What typically brings clients back for another session is what Dr. Buffington describes as "a new layer surfacing."

Much like removing a layer of an onion reveals a new layer, so too does removing a block or series of blocks allow other old programs that were buried beneath the most problematic ones to surface.  Once all the layers of blocks are removed, clients report that they can effortlessly do the things they have always longed to do and the effortless effectiveness lasts. Clients followed for more than ten years continue to experience the desirable changes.